Olivia K

Nursing Staff

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Olivia is just starting her Veterinary Nurse training with us at Eastside Emergency, but is a familiar face around the clinic. She started work with us as a cleaner and kennel hand back in 2014 and a cattery assistant in our general practice clinic next door at Rose Bay Vet Hospital. Olivia is now training with us to work as a veterinary nurse while she studies to be a Vet. Currently she is at university studying preliminary courses before applying to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine course at Sydney University.

Through her assisting and now training at EVES, she has a growing interest in emergency care (and has certainly been thrown in the deep end a few times!) as well as surgery. We try to involve Olivia in as many different fields possible during her training but she has a keen interest and natural talent for remaining cool and calm during emergency situations and surgery.

When she’s not working or studying Olivia loves to read, travel, and spend time with her furry family of two dogs and two cats! She has a passion for animal welfare and is regularly involved with animal rescue groups where she does volunteer work and fostering. She hopes to one day be involved in animal welfare within livestock processing and we hope that her Veterinary training and experience working in emergency and critical care will help her reach her goals. Olivia is an asset to the team at EVES and we feel that with her love for animals and natural talent for working with them, she will excel in any field she desires.


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