Galit T


Galit graduated from Moriah College in 2015. She then spent a year overseas volunteering and learning. This year she will be beginning a degree in Medical Science at the University of New South Wales.

She has also just started working as a receptionist with the EVES team, which she has found to be an incredibly rewarding job. Galit has been enjoying all aspects of working at the reception desk, from learning about medical emergencies and how to advise clients, to seeing all the adorable pets that come in and out of the clinic. In her short time at the clinic, Galit has enjoyed getting to know all of her coworkers and their respective pets.

Outside of work she enjoys playing the cello, cooking, hiking with her mates or being down at her local youth movement where she is a counsellor. You are also likely to find her hanging with her extremely fluffy and slightly overweight cat Ella, and JJ (the dog next door).


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