Bridget K

Nursing Staff

Veterinary Nurse

Bridget achieved her Veterinary Nursing diploma in New Zealand during her 5 year stint of being a Kiwi. Part of her study was to spend time in a Specialist centre, helping with chemotherapy, specialist surgeries and various imaging. After working for a few years in busy general practice clinics in both New Zealand and Australia, she decided that Emergency and Specialist care was her true calling and never looked back! Bridget also has a passion and firm knowledge of anesthesia and has undertaken several courses to further her education in this field.

Bridget fits right in to the quirky and fast paced atmosphere at Eastside Veterinary. You will often hear her out the front talking in ridiculous voices to your pets (they love it, we promise!). Bridget has played a big part in reducing stress for our feline patients in hospital, devleoping a “cat only” room, complete with hide boxes, pheromone spray, and positioning their “furniture” in a cat friendly way! Her passion to promote a feline friendly environment lead her to have a presentation with the rest of the clinic to make sure everyone was on the same page.

In her spare time, Bridget likes to go to the gym, sew, play piano, and go to the beach with her dog and partner.

Bridget has a German Shepherd called Stella who loves treats and squeaky toys. Stella is a rescue dog and a big scaredy cat! Although Bridget is a crazy cat lady at heart, Stella has wormed her way into the heart of Bridget and the other clinic members.


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