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After Hours Emergency Vet Clinic

Eastside Veterinary Emergency & Specialists are open for animal health emergencies after hours. Our qualified and experienced emergency vet and nursing staff are available to help treat your pet, no matter the nature of your crisis. From major injuries to minor ailments, we are dedicated to providing quality medical attention for your animal.

Emergency? Call Us Now

If you have an emergency, call us immediately. The quicker you get your animal to our emergency clinic, the better. We may request some information from you during this call, which can help us to prepare for your arrival.

Common Conditions We Treat

We often see cats and dogs with all sorts of ailments and conditions. Our after hours vet clinic is fully equipped and prepared to deal with the following:

We treat the above conditions on a regular basis, and our team of professional staff are available to treat your pet and help it on its way to recovery as soon as possible.

Our Services


Our after hours animal emergency hospital provides the following services:

We perform these services using the best techniques in veterinary medicine and the latest equipment, ensuring that your cat, dog or other cherished pet receives nothing but the best medical treatment.