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Emergency care

Post-Operative Care for Your Pet [dd Month, YYYY]

Golden retriever with Elizabethan collar lying on floor

Like people, recovering from a surgery can be an uncomfortable experience for our pets. It’s up to you to care for …

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Making That Painful Decision – Putting Down Your Pet [dd Month, YYYY]

Senior man with old dog sitting by a lake

While our pets are a source of happiness and companionship, we often have to confront the reality that we are going …

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What Happens to your Dog in Critical Care? [dd Month, YYYY]

Vital signs for dog and cat

If your dog or cat is seriously ill, they may require 24 hour hospitalisation. Fortunately, the experts at Eastside Veterinary Emergency …

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All About the Dangers of Tick Paralysis in Pets [dd Month, YYYY]

Close Up Of Ticks On Dog Skin

One of the great things about Australia is that its home to a large range of creatures, great and small. Unfortunately, …

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When is Dog Vomiting an Emergency? [dd Month, YYYY]

Sick Labrador Dog Lying On Bed On Hospital Floor

Dogs that are vomiting are one of the  most common reasons we get calls for advice here at Eastside Veterinary Emergency …

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Choose a Specialist Vet for Your Four-Legged Friend [dd Month, YYYY]

German Shepherd Licking A Happy Veterinary

Specialist vets are different to a GP vet, because they offer a higher level of service and expertise in their area …

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When is it Advisable to Seek Emergency Vet Care for Your Pet? [dd Month, YYYY]

Hands Statoscope Checking Cat

Unfortunately for pet owners, our animal friends are often unable to tell us when they’re in serious pain, or when something’s …

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