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Dog conditions

When is Dog Vomiting an Emergency? [dd Month, YYYY]

Sick Labrador Dog Lying On Bed On Hospital Floor

Dogs that are vomiting are one of the  most common reasons we get calls for advice here at Eastside Veterinary Emergency …

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Understanding Knee Ligament Injuries in Dogs [dd Month, YYYY]

Labrador Retriever Lying Down On Bed With Cast On Broken Leg

Unfortunately, the ligaments in knees are one of the most susceptible to damage body parts for both humans and animals alike. …

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Canine Cardiac Arrhythmia – Understanding Heart Problems in Dogs [dd Month, YYYY]

Hands With Gloves Checking Pug Dogs Heart Beat

Arrhythmia is the term used to describe heartbeats that are either too fast or slow. Abnormal heart rhythms occur when there …

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Why Dogs Need a Veterinary Dermatologist [dd Month, YYYY]

Dermatology Card Near A Stethoscope

If your dog is suffering from a skin condition, your vet will most likely refer you to a skin specialist, also …

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Diabetes Mellitus in Dogs [dd Month, YYYY]

Little Young Girl Sitting With Golden Retriever Dog Near A Lake

If your dog has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, you can rest assured that there are ways to successfully manage their …

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Skin Cancer Surgery in Dogs [dd Month, YYYY]

Dog In A Garden In Sunset Light

Did you know that animals can get skin cancer too? Many dog owners aren’t aware that this can happen to their …

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Seizures in Dogs [dd Month, YYYY]

Veterinary Examining Golden Retriever Pet Dog

Unfortunately, seizures can happen to animals, as well as people. If you’ve seen your beloved pet go through a seizure you …

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