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Dog conditions

What Should I Look for in Dog Food? [dd Month, YYYY]

Senior dog eating food from steel dog bowl

A lot of dog owners might find their pet is happy to eat just about anything, but dogs have important nutritional …

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Mental Health Issues and Your Pet [dd Month, YYYY]

Frightened Husky dog hiding in a wooden box

Pet owners may notice their animal companions sometimes exhibiting some bizarre behaviour. But at what point can it be considered a …

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Post-Operative Care for Your Pet [dd Month, YYYY]

Golden retriever with Elizabethan collar lying on floor

Like people, recovering from a surgery can be an uncomfortable experience for our pets. It’s up to you to care for …

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Help – I Think My Dog Had a Stroke [dd Month, YYYY]

Labrador dog lying on table at vet clinic with vet holding stethoscope

Often we see dogs that are unable to walk, with owners thinking their pet has had a stroke. These dogs could …

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All About Dog Oncology [dd Month, YYYY]

Large golden retriever dog at vet clinic with vet writing on clipboard

Cancer. That one little word has the potential to strike fear into our hearts. And just as humans can be susceptible …

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What Happens to your Dog in Critical Care? [dd Month, YYYY]

Vital signs for dog and cat

If your dog or cat is seriously ill, they may require 24 hour hospitalisation. Fortunately, the experts at Eastside Veterinary Emergency …

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My Dog is Itchy – What Should I Do? [dd Month, YYYY]

Beagle dog scratching itself

Itchiness in pets is usually a sign of an allergy, especially when it is accompanied by other symptoms, like loss of …

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Does Your Dog Have Breathing Troubles? [dd Month, YYYY]

Happy Pug Sitting

Does your dog snore, snuffle, snort and have a history of noisy breathing? Does it not cope well with exercise? Does …

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All About the Dangers of Tick Paralysis in Pets [dd Month, YYYY]

Close Up Of Ticks On Dog Skin

One of the great things about Australia is that its home to a large range of creatures, great and small. Unfortunately, …

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What You Need to Know About Heat Stroke in Dogs [dd Month, YYYY]

Hand Holding Shiba Inu Pet Dog Collar

We are quickly coming into summer, the time of year when we all need to keep cool. In Sydney and around …

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