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Pet Care Articles

Preventing and Treating Urinary Tract Infections & Inflammations in Cats [ 25 Jul 2016 ]

Veterinary Hands Holding Brown & White Cat

Like people, cats can be prone to urinary tract infections and inflammation. Urinary tract infections and inflammation can be an uncomfortable …

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Spinal Issues and Paralysis in Cats and Dogs [ 25 Jun 2016 ]

Golden Retriever With Veterinary Surgeon & Nurse

Spinal issues can cause severe pain and distress to your pet, resulting in weakness and sometimes even paralysis. Therefore, it’s very …

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When is it Advisable to Seek Emergency Vet Care for Your Pet? [ 31 May 2016 ]

Hands Statoscope Checking Cat

Unfortunately for pet owners, our animal friends are often unable to tell us when they’re in serious pain, or when something’s …

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How Modern X-rays, Scans and Ultrasounds Can Save Your Pet’s Life [ 21 May 2016 ]

Veterinary Surgeon & Nurse Checking Reports Of Golden Retriever Dog

Advanced medical imaging technology, such as x-rays, CT-scans and ultrasounds, plays an important role in modern veterinary clinics, allowing veterinarians to …

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Diabetes Mellitus in Dogs [ 17 Mar 2016 ]

Little Young Girl Sitting With Golden Retriever Dog Near A Lake

If your dog has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, you can rest assured that there are ways to successfully manage their …

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Skin Cancer Surgery in Dogs [ 06 Mar 2016 ]

Dog In A Garden In Sunset Light

Did you know that animals can get skin cancer too? Many dog owners aren’t aware that this can happen to their …

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Seizures in Dogs [ ]

Veterinary Examining Golden Retriever Pet Dog

Unfortunately, seizures can happen to animals, as well as people. If you’ve seen your beloved pet go through a seizure you …

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Common Toxicity Problems in Pets [ 28 Jan 2016 ]

Most pet owners are aware that substances such as rat poison and snail bait are toxic to animals, and must be …

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