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Does Your Dog Have Breathing Troubles? [ 10 Jan 2017 ]

Happy Pug Sitting

Does your dog snore, snuffle, snort and have a history of noisy breathing? Does it not cope well with exercise? Does …

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All About the Dangers of Tick Paralysis in Pets [ 09 Jan 2017 ]

Close Up Of Ticks On Dog Skin

One of the great things about Australia is that its home to a large range of creatures, great and small. Unfortunately, …

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What You Need to Know About Heat Stroke in Dogs [ 21 Dec 2016 ]

Hand Holding Shiba Inu Pet Dog Collar

We are quickly coming into summer, the time of year when we all need to keep cool. In Sydney and around …

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When is Dog Vomiting an Emergency? [ 20 Dec 2016 ]

Sick Labrador Dog Lying On Bed On Hospital Floor

Dogs that are vomiting are one of the  most common reasons we get calls for advice here at Eastside Veterinary Emergency …

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Choose a Specialist Vet for Your Four-Legged Friend [ 21 Nov 2016 ]

German Shepherd Licking A Happy Veterinary

Specialist vets are different to a GP vet, because they offer a higher level of service and expertise in their area …

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Understanding Knee Ligament Injuries in Dogs [ 20 Nov 2016 ]

Labrador Retriever Lying Down On Bed With Cast On Broken Leg

Unfortunately, the ligaments in knees are one of the most susceptible to damage body parts for both humans and animals alike. …

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Canine Cardiac Arrhythmia – Understanding Heart Problems in Dogs [ 18 Nov 2016 ]

Hands With Gloves Checking Pug Dogs Heart Beat

Arrhythmia is the term used to describe heartbeats that are either too fast or slow. Abnormal heart rhythms occur when there …

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Why Dogs Need a Veterinary Dermatologist [ 17 Nov 2016 ]

Dermatology Card Near A Stethoscope

If your dog is suffering from a skin condition, your vet will most likely refer you to a skin specialist, also …

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How an Endoscopy Can Help Diagnose Pet Health Issues [ 25 Sep 2016 ]

Veterinary Hands In Gloves Holding A Cute Cat

Endoscopies are routinely used by modern veterinary clinics to diagnose pet health issues, providing pet owners with much needed peace of …

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How Cancer Can Affect Your Pet [ 25 Aug 2016 ]

Chocolate Labrador Retriever Being Examined At Vet Hospital

Sadly, our pets can be affected by cancer just like we can.

Finding out your pet has cancer can be devastating for …

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