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Gabi E – Assistant Veterinary Nurse – Veterinary Student

Gabi has known she wanted to work with animals since she was four years old and bowled over by a swarm of dogs in the dog park! Over the years Gabi has volunteered and worked at a stable, a zoo, and two different general veterinary practices, before coming to volunteer at Eastside Vets. She is loving emergency nursing and being able to comfort and care for animals when they need it most. Gabi is fast learning essential skills to help our nurses and further her education.

Gabi is currently in her third year studying to be a vet at the University of Sydney.

Upon her graduation from uni Gabi dreams of being able to travel the world providing veterinary care to street animals and pets in third world countries and regions of poverty. She is also passionate about animal rights and wishes to become more involved in animal welfare issues in Australia’s industries.

In her spare time, Gabi can be found doing such important things as making tiny tuxedos for her beloved pet rats Toby and Lily, or lounging around with her two big rescue dog-sisters Maddie and Jessie.