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Dr Darren Foster – Feline Medicine Specialist – Bsc, BVMS, PhD, FANCVSc

Darren is a experienced and respected Feline Medicine Specialist. He has worked in Sydney at private referral hospitals for more than 12 years.

Graduating from Murdoch University, he completed a residency in Feline Medicine and a PhD in Edinburgh, before returning to Australia. He has been a registered Specialist in Feline Medicine for 10 years.

His special interests include endocrine disorders, infectious disease and cardiovascular problems. He is also a skilled ultrasound operator. This helps in his pursuit of diagnosis using minimally invasive biopsy techniques.

Throughout his career Darren continued to see canine cases for his ‘dog fix’. Thus he is very happy dealing with challenging canine cases too!

You will find Darren is empathetic and caring. He is always willing to take the time to talk about your cat or dog’s condition with you.

Darren is also member of the International Cat Care Veterinary Advisory Panel.
Feline & General Medicine Services

Some of the services that Darren provides are listed below: